April 2012 – Quarterly News Flash


Quarterly News Flash:   April 2012

Motorcycle Helmet Law:

The helmet laws in Michigan has changed after 45 years.  You no longer have to wear helmets on motorcycle, if you do a few things first.  Here are a few quick guidelines of what you need to do before you go out riding with out your helmet.

1) Have to be over 21 to be able to ride without a helmet

2) Must have passed a motorcycle safety course or have had their motorcycle endorsement for at least two years.

3) Must have at least $20,000 of Medical Insurance on their Motorcycle Insurance Policy.  Some companies may make you have more than that.  Typically, that could cost you up to an additional $200 per year in your insurance.

Motorcycle and Michigan No Fault:

With No Fault Insurance in Michigan, the law says if you are in an automobile accident, then any injuries sustained in that accident will be covered for the rest of your life.  Motorcycles are not considered automobiles.  This means if you’re riding your bike and a deer jumps out and you hit him or he hits you, Michigan No Fault doesn’t apply.  Your normal health insurance would have to cover you.  If you don’t have any health insurance you are able to add medical coverage onto your motorcycle policy to have medical coverage.

Now if you get into an accident with an automobile (truck, car, etc.) you would be covered at that point under Michigan No Fault.

Many people do not know that they can even get medical insurance on their motorcycles and/or understand why they would need it.

Back-up of Sewer and Drain Coverage (including sump pump failure):

SPRING TIME IS HERE and Sump pump failure is a large problem in Michigan.  Your homeowners policy does not cover any ground water coming in to your house, whether it is from cracks in your foundation or a back up from your sewer, drains or sump pumps.

There is a coverage you can add to your policy to cover back up of your sewer and drains which does include your sump pump though.  If you think you need that coverage please give us a call to add it on or at least talk to us to see if you need it.


Michigan No Fault – $30 Increase per vehicle per year.

MCCA (State of Michigan) is at it again.  They are adding another $30 per year to your auto insurance for every auto you have insurance.  Please read the link below for more information.



Youthful Drivers:

We have started in the last few years to have problems with customers not remembering to add their children on to their policy when they get their Drivers Licenses.  This is a big problem; should an accident occur, your child may not be covered under your policy.

If your child lives at home or is up at school, he or she needs to be listed on the policy.  Now if the child is up at school without a car, some companies charge that differently if at all, but we still need to know that information.  Even if the child has his own insurance, we need to know about him or her.  If he or she were to drive a different auto other than his own, they may not be covered.


Voicemail or Email:

We just want to let everyone know that we are unable to take or bind coverage changes by email or on our Voicemail system.  You are more than welcome to email us a change in coverage or leave us a voicemail, but if you don’t receive a returned message your change has not been done and coverage is not in-force until you get a confirmation from us that it is.  We do apologize for this but there is no way we can guarantee we received the email or voicemail to make sure it gets done.


After Hours Claims Service Phone #’s:

Call the 800# below if you have an emergency claim after our office hours.  These numbers are direct to your insurance companies 24/7 claims service.  If we are open please give us a call first so that we can explain the process and also see if it is even worth turning in a small claim.  Sometimes it will cost you more over time to turn in a small claim then it would be to pay it out of pocket.  We try to help you and let you know your options so that you are not surprised later on.

If you ever need help with a claim or have any questions on a claim please give our office a call so that we can help you through the process, we don’t always know if there are problems with a claim or if you are not happy.  We are here to help you.

Citizens – 800-628-0250

Frankenmuth – 800-234-4433

Michigan Millers – 866-688-2518

Progressive – 800-876-6078


Commercial Insurance:

We have saved many companies over the last year thousands of dollars on the commercial policies.  Just like on the personal lines we have access to over 100 A rated companies for all of your commercial needs.  We have good relationships with our companies and in turn they give us some of the best prices in the market for many different industries.  If you own a business or need any type of Professional Liability or Bonds, please let us know.  We are glad to help out.

Thank you for being a customer, If you ever have a problem or a concern you are always welcome to call us.  We have multiple companies to research and if for some reason your price went up more than you think reasonable, please give us a call and we can shop it for you.

Here at J. Jacobs and Associates Insurance we do not sell any of our customers emails.  We will not Spam your email daily, weekly or even monthly.  This will be an informative email once a quarter to let you know what is going on with new discounts, coverages or just general insurance information.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you from all of us here at J. Jacobs and Associates.

 Toll Free: (800) 690-6645



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