Professional Liability

Looking for Professional Liability Insurance in Nebraska or Iowa?

Professional Liability Insurance (also knows as Errors & Omissions Coverage) is available for a wide range of professionals who make their living from their unique expertise.

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance?

Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, IT Professionals, Real Estate Brokers, Consultants, and Engineers are just a some of professions who need to be properly covered by Professional Liability Insurance.

If you’re in one of those professions and/or your business relies on your professional expertise, you’re expected to have a certain level of training in your industry or field. Your services and/or advice must meet standards set by your state, industry, and/or written client contracts and agreements.

No matter how careful you are, mistakes happen. If one of these work mistakes causes a financial loss for one of your clients, it could be problematic for your business.

What to do next

Keep in mind that Professional Liability only covers the “economic” or financial losses suffered by clients and/or third parties, as opposed to bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) claims.

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