Do I Need to Purchase Additional Coverage's When I Rent a Car?


Do You Need Extra Insurance Coverage When Renting a Car?

rental car keys
rental car keys

The answer to that is depends. Most companies will cover a rental car for the same coverages you have on your current insurance. Within the USA and Canada that is. So if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on you current insurance and not wanting something different for the rental car you would be covered under most companies.

Here are the things that you would want to be careful of though.

  1. Make sure your auto insurance is up to date and currently in force.
  2. Make sure your carrier does cover rental cars (Most do)
  3. Make sure you have the coverage’s you need on at least one of your vehicles. (Comp, Collision and Liability)
  4. Realize that if there is an accident it would be a claim on your auto insurance vs. the rental cars contract. Which could possibly increase your current auto insurance premiums. Typically when you are renting a vehicle you will be driving more than you normally would so there is a higher risk.
  5. Most companies will cover the accident damage but may not cover “Loss of Use” for the rental car company. Example: You are in an accident while in the rental car and the car will take 2 weeks to repair. The rental car company cannot rent that car out for those two weeks. They are out they rental money for those two weeks and will most likely charge you that time. Most insurance companies will not pay for this.
  6. You can also check with your credit card company. A lot of credit card companies will also cover the insurance on a rental vehicle if you pay with their card. Most of these companies do pay for the “loss of use” coverage.

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