Homeowners Insurance Claims for Ice Dams


Homeowners Insurance Claims for Ice Dams

images Ice Dams are typically a covered claim. That saying they are a pain for adjustors and insured’s alike.  Preventative measures can be taken to help prevent ice dams. Ice Dams can happen for many reasons, the main reason is the attic is to warm.   If your attic isn’t insulated enough or your roof sloop isn’t steep enough that is a problem. What happens is on cold days is the under layer of the snow on your roof is melting do to the warm temperatures in your attic/House. Once it melts it then immediately refreezes. That refreezing expands the ice and pushes ice under your shingles and then repeating the process until it gets past the shingles and starts to melt into your home.  Homes with steeper roofs typically won’t have a problem because the water will drain down and over the dam before it refreezes.

  • Any roof should have a minimum of 6ft of Ice Shield on the roof prior to re-shingling. The Ice Shield prevents the water getting to the roof.  If you are replacing your roof make sure your Roofer adds a minimum of 6ft and if you have a roof that has less pitch to it add an additional 3 ft.
  • You can also install electrical wire to keep the ice melted off of the lower portion of your roof.
  • Last you can just make sure that your roof is cleared off with a roof rake or a push broom and a ladder.

Ice Dams can be a pricey claim and a big hassle.  Also it is a claim on your homeowners insurance, which means a surcharge with most companies. The first claim is not to large of a surcharge but if you have a 2nd claim within a 3 year period that will double your insurance premium for up to 3 years to 5 years depending on the company.]]>

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